February 10, 2021

How to create an online community

Having an online community has become crucial to ensuring a strong and remarkable presence in the digital world.

Developing a community of consumers, potential customers, or people interested in the product / service you are offering... Not only allows you to have visibility on digital platforms, but also to carry out various studies that facilitate the development of your future marketing strategies.

Moreover, once you are sure that you have a strong community, you can begin to establish direct communications with your customers, which will only strengthen the bond of trust with your brand and attract other customers

So, the question is : How to create a strong online community ?

There are various ways/plans you can follow to build your online community and create solid connections with your consumers.
Today, we want to suggest 4 steps NOT to skip to ensure to develop a digital community.

1- Set the right environment :

In order for your website/ social media accounts/ Blog to attract new people, you should make sure to set the right environment for them.
Meaning, you should choose wisely your home page, put forward your biggest achievements and your brand's values, and choose catchy words that will push your potential clients to want to listen to your brand again.

Also, a very handy idea could be to create welcome sets, or gifts to encourage new subscribers to join the community.

Depending on the nature of your business and the product/ service you produce, you might welcome new members with a friendly email or text message to make them know that they matter, you can also organise meetings for members of the community, for example.

2- Your community management :

Your community manager is the Leader of this Online community.
Even so, we often tend to think of community managers as simple content creators. They are way more than that.
The choice of your community manager will considerably affect the way your audience interacts with the content.
Therefore, while picking the community manager you collaborate with, you should make sure they are a creative, focused and multitalented person, who understands your brand’s values and can make sure that these values are well transmitted to your audience through the content they create.

3- Create a viable bond :

In the digital world everything moves so fast and your competitors will always be moving a step forward from you, to attract your audience. With that being said, you should make sure to keep your community tuned and connected, and to never cut the interaction.

That can be done by : organising meet-ups, creating contests/ give-away/ games, creating engaging content, and replying to your community’s questions quickly as well as being interactive.

Pro Tip :
Working with influencers/ bloggers that target similar audiences can be a great tool to attract new members and widen your community.



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