December 12, 2021

How Influencers you collaborate with, Influence your Online Reputation

In this blog article, we will discuss the importance of collaborating with influencers, how to choose the right influencer according to your brand's goals, and how to make the deal efficient and get positive results from your online collaborations.

Nowadays, collaborating with online influencers has become a frequently-used tool to grow your online business and build a strong community in the digital world.
This concept, which is neither very recent nor new, since it began long before in the 1960s with the Chanel ambassadors or the so-called “muses”, has taken on a new form totally emerged in the digital world and social media platforms.

Although collaborating with digital ambassadors, instagram influencers or bloggers, is important. Choosing the right person/group of people to represent your brand is a quite hard task.
so the question is,

How to choose your Influencers:

Two very major steps :

1- Know your targeted audience :

Before partnering with an influencer/ blogger you might do a study of the audience/community this person is targetting. Therefore, you can only decide whether or not to collaborate with them based on this data.
Few questions you should be able to answer :

  • What gender are you targeting : are your products gender neutral or rather aimed towards a more female audience ?
  • What age are the group of people you are looking forward to reaching : mostly grown-ups, teenagers, young adults, new-moms... ?
  • Another very important question to answer is : what are your audience’s interests ?

2- Specify your brands’ Values :

Either you own a startup or a multinational company, You should look at the influencer you work with, as the representative of a group of people online. Meaning, that their values should align with your brand’s values and the partnership should come handy to polish your brands’ image as well as reinforce the influncer’s bond with their community.

Now the final point that we are going to explain is,

How to make your alliance with influencers efficient :

In order to enable you to actually get tangible results, due to a partnership with an online influencer, You need to follow a few steps.

a- Create the link :

Now that you have figured out what values you have in commun with this online representative you have chosen. You should work together to create an obvious and tangible bond or a link between your product and the values you both defend. That is to push the audience to actually relate to these values and start to get interested in what you are offering.

b- Be clear about the type of representation you desire, its frequency :

The inlfuencer’s digital content will be your voice and a part of your online image. Think about how you would like your product to be represented throughout a video, a story, a blog or an image. It is crucial to define the type of representation you desire, from the very beginning.
This takes us back to how important the choice of the influence is, since by looking at their current partnership you can already have an idea of how your products will potentially be also represented.

Also, don’t forget to choose the platforms you want to use, as well as the frequency of the posts.

c- Differentiate between your brand influencers and your brand long time ambassadors :

Think about whether the influencer you are collaborating with is going to be representing your brand just for a limited period or do you want them to become your brand’s ambasador. Since in the second case, the partnership might go further than just the online content, as the person would represent your brand in different events, will have a long term engagement to your brand and therefore has more responsibilities to sustainably keep the bond with the consumers.

To finish this article, let’s not forget that your choice of the online influencer you partner with, can affect your online reputation both positively or negatively, and can either help you meet your marketing goals quickly or do the absolute opposite.



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